About the film  

We are raised to believe that Love and Friendship can bring a life of happiness and fulfillment. But what chance does Love have in a world where deceit and jealousy hide behind everyday innocence? How can Friendship endure the restlessness unleashed by events that we cannot foresee?

Through the use of character narration, visual metaphor and the intimacy and choreography of dance, this short film exposes the fragility of Love, Friendship and our carefully laid plans for our own futures.

The film’s hopeful opening shows a couple in the nervous and unintentionally funny act of committing to marriage. The camera captures the bliss of marital engagement and the dizzying emotions that come with taking that big step toward a life together. Dance is used as a central metaphor for the magical and difficult act of two people living as one. Sometimes the rhythm and steps are in sync and move like liquid, but a slight misstep or delayed or overthought move throws the dancers off their groove and into an awkward, clumsy scramble to regain their harmony.

Add a third partner to the dance routine and the harmony grows dissonant and quickly spins out of control. At this point, friendships and romances blend together to unleash dark emotions and hidden desires whose outcome we cannot know.

“Best Friend’s Charms” relies illustrates the intersecting arcs of Friendship and Love.


Directed, written & edited by Jane Dorogoyer

Jane Dorogoyer is an independent filmmaker from Brooklyn. She was born in Kishinev, Moldova and graduated from the Tel-Aviv University. Jane studied art, design and filmmaking at FIT and the New York Film Academy. Jane also directed a short Springtime in November documentary & worked on independent film projects for Selfvision studios. She likes photography & drawing. Jane is married with two kids and works for a financial company in New York.



Dan Powell - Cinematographer/DP


Dan is an Executive Producer for Ugly Americans at Comedy Central. He studied at Dartmouth College and calls himself a comic book nerd. Dan is married and has son Jack. Dan was born & raised in Saint Louis, Missouri, and currently lives in New York.


Eri Yakoyama- Gaffer, photographer

Born and raised in Miyazaki, Japan, Eri studied Digital filmmaking at New York Film Academy, and continues to write and direct her own film projects in New York City. Eri specializes in directing and editing narrative films, trailers, music videos, and dance videos. Some of her influences are Michel Gondry, Alfonso Cuarón, Woody Allen, Hayao Miyazaki and David Lynch.




Produced by New York Film Academy





Dana - Sonya Temis

Sophia (Sonya) Temis was born in St. Petersburg, Russia and moved to the United States in 1994. At the age of 2, her parents settled in upper Manhattan before moving again to Brooklyn, N.Y. In school, Sonya excelled at ballroom dancing, piano and mathematics. She was accepted to the Mark Twain School for the Gifted and Talented for math and music and went on to graduate from Edward R. Murrow High School. Sophia is currently studying pre-med at Hunter College and working as a manager for a pain management and plastic surgery office.



Julia - Julie Guseva

Julie Guseva was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and came to New York City at the age of three. She started dancing Latin American and Ballroom when she was seven years old and has danced at many competitions and showcases since then. She attends Hunter College in New York, teaches dance, and continues to practice and compete with her partner.



Mark - Anton Revich

Born in Kiev, Ukraine, Anton is a CUNY Kingsborough student. He loves ballroom dancing and martial arts. Lives in Brooklyn.


Josh - Mike Nemoy

Mikhail was born into a family of musicians and artists in Kiev, Ukraine, and came to the United States at the age of 4. After touring the country working with the Moscow Cats Theater, the Haverim Theater in Brooklyn, and a production called Don't Worry Be Jewish on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, he graduated Summa Cum Laude from CUNY Baruch College with a BBA in Computer Science. These days Mikhail lives, works, and plays in NYC while regularly volunteering as a sound and lighting designer for various concerts and theater productions.




David Gerber

David, 21 years old, is an NYU student with major in business managment and finance. He works as a ballroom dancing teacher at DanceZone USA and as a lifeguard. David is a pisces and likes long walks on the beach, and tequila. He loves to dance, and he is always looking for a girl that can dance. David's hobby is trying new food and new places to eat.



Aileen Kiliman






Chloe Dorogoyer & Julia Iuchik

Real life friends play best pals on screen. Both Chloe & Julia are elementary school studets and like to play mucical instruments and dress up.


Voice over  

Julia- Jae Mann

Jae has been acting since she was 6 years old. She studied under Nancy Chartier, Michele Condrey and Del SHores. Most of her career was in Asia.





Mark - Tom Middleton

Tom Middleton is a former journalist and editor who lives in Brooklyn. He spent several years with the Wall Street Journal and CBS MarketWatch and was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for his investigative expose’ titled “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!”


Openning Composition
"Liz" by Dean Yuliano

Dean Yuliano has performed live music on the folk-music circuit and composed soundtracks for independent film documentaries.


Closing Song
"The Last Thing I Would Do" written by Intermissions (Stephen R. Iasillo and David J. Chan)

Download "The Last Thing I Would Do" by Intermissions.

Two native New Yorkers meeting in 2001 as coworkers, found themselves beginning a long friendship built on similar musical tastes including Joy Division, The Cure, New Order, RadioHead, Broken Social Scene, Spoon, Arcade Fire and Metric. Like their eclectic influences, their style forms imagery of unspoken emotions using creative hooks and pop-savvy vocal melodies with lyrics centering around relationships and reflective thoughts. With Steve Iasillo's producing experience and bare bones approach to creating rock punching tunes paired with Dave Chan's alternative approach to writing songs, the two multi-instrumentalists continue to spill out song after song to push their 'mission' to 'inter'-connect people through new music.

Special thanks to  

Dance Zone USA

Dance Zone USA offers Latin & Ballroom dance classes for men, women, children and couples.

60 West End Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11235

11000 Roosevelt Blvd (World Gym)Philadelphia 19116




Tete-a-Tete cafe

Tête-à-Tête Café is a modern American bistro within a cozy and serene atmosphere. The ambience in the downstairs Café is surrounded by European art deco. The second floor serves as an intimate lounge/bar. Enjoy the delectable desserts, assorted breakfast, lunch and dinner choices, exotic coffee and tea flavors and relax in comfortable surroundings. They also serve an extensive line of Martinis, some of which are their own creations.


2601 E 14th Street
Brooklyn, NY



Artemida Wedding Gallery



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Billy Tylor Smith




Piero Basso




Dallas Brennan




Giuseppe De Angelis




Miguel Parga




Marc Gagnon



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